Stop Talking! Start Communicating!

A one-day workshop in English for those who wonder:

  • Why you’re just not getting through to someone at work or at home
  • Why you’re having the same conversation over and over
  • Why you shy away from difficult conversations

In this workshop, we’ll explore these and other questions that make communication in our daily lives so difficult. Experience how, with self-awareness and a mindful attitude, you can make a difference, even in difficult conversations.

You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with new ways of communicating and experience direct feedback in a constructive and appreciative context. You’ll examine how your own feelings and needs can help or hinder communication, and how we can open ourselves to new possibilities.

As we learn to speak from the heart we are changing the habits of a lifetime.
(Marshall B. Rosenberg)

Workshop Contents

Using examples and many practical exercises, we invite you to experience how mindful communication can work.

  • An interactive introduction to the language of Nonviolent Communication®
  • Judgemental? Me? Your brain has a mind of its own: Why we judge everything, and how we can stop.
  • It’s not (just) you – it’s me: Time for a little self-compassion
  • Feelings and needs: The keys to really understanding yourself and others
  • Are you listening to me? What?
  • The power of empathy
  • Speaking with attitude

The workshop language is English.


Anja Kellermann (business coach, Heidelberg) and Ian MacDonald (coach and mediator, Heidelberg)


Dr. Anja Kellermann – Coaching | Consulting, Plöck 57  69117 Heidelberg, adjacent to Friedich-Ebert-Platz.


  • By car: Underground car-park Friedrich-Ebert-Platz (P10) (adjacent to the workshop venue)
  • Public transport: Bus stop „Friedrich-Ebert-Platz“, or Tram and Bus “Bismarkplatz”, then approx. 5 minute walk

Included in the Workshop Fee

  • Workshop organization and facilitation
  • Workshop material and photo summary
  • Drinks and snacks

In Brief

One-day workshop in English on how to communicate effectively and mindfully by connecting to yourself and others.

Time: Saturday, February 23, 2019, 10 – 17h
Place: Plöck 57, 69117 Heidelberg

Fee: €120 (incl. VAT)

Participants:  6- 12

Register by Feb 10, 2018